LGB 21741 G Scale Steam Locomotive EX/Box

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Dadmermer USD 170 01/16/2018 6:14 PM Automatic bid
Robert USD 167 01/16/2018 6:14 PM
Dadmermer USD 164 01/16/2018 6:13 PM Automatic bid
Robert USD 161 01/16/2018 6:13 PM
Dadmermer USD 153 01/15/2018 5:15 AM
fredtrain1 USD 150 01/15/2018 5:15 AM Automatic bid
fredtrain1 USD 147.99 01/15/2018 5:10 AM Automatic bid
Dadmermer USD 144.99 01/15/2018 5:10 AM
fredtrain1 USD 134.99 01/14/2018 7:55 PM Automatic bid
Dadmermer USD 131.99 01/14/2018 7:55 PM
fredtrain1 USD 118 01/11/2018 5:20 PM Automatic bid
ghsterle USD 115 01/11/2018 5:20 PM
fredtrain1 USD 104 01/10/2018 7:29 PM
joebob USD 101 01/10/2018 6:40 PM
fredtrain1 USD 100 01/10/2018 6:40 PM Automatic bid
fredtrain1 USD 76 01/10/2018 12:58 PM Automatic bid
Woodsm2 USD 75 01/10/2018 12:58 PM
fredtrain1 USD 61 01/10/2018 11:02 AM Automatic bid
ghsterle USD 60 01/10/2018 11:02 AM
fredtrain1 USD 2.99 01/10/2018 11:02 AM Automatic bid
ghsterle USD 1.99 01/10/2018 11:02 AM
fredtrain1 USD 0.99 01/10/2018 10:23 AM
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  • Current Price: USD 170
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  • Item Grade: C-7
  • Box: Boxed
  • Box Grade: P-6
  • Condition: Used


Here is a LGB 21741 G Scale Steam Locomotive. Features include plastic construction, operating headlight, decorative bell, cab engineer figure, motor, latch couplers, metal wheels and axles.

There are a few minor scratches and light dust on the body. This item has been graded per TCA standards C-7: Excellent. The instruction manual is included. This listing includes quality photographs and a unique description for the item you will receive. Please reference all provided information for the included item(s), accessories, or parts that may or may not be included. Photographs may be enlarged for better detail. Overall condition is Excellent.

Condition: Excellent (C-7)
Operational Status: Functional
Original Box: Yes (P-6)

Trainz.com Popularity: Unknown

Manufacturer: LGB
Model Number: 21741

Scale/Era: G Scale
Model Type: Steam Loco

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Track: 4078760 - 1223 (Suite 2740-200) TH/TH/mB - 002 - TrainzAuctionGroup003 - TDID15408

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