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I received my first Lionel Train in 1953 - It was a 2046 with tender heading up a 6315 tanker, WP Silver Boxcar, 6462 Gondola and 6357 Caboose. It sits on a wall with pride in full working order. In 1979 my wife bought my daughter and me a train set for Christmas and after a few garage sales and flea markets, the trains became a part of our families lives.

I became a Lionel Value Added Dealer 20 years ago in and about 1990. Through the years I have bought many collections and estates of all makes and models. I upgrade my collection regularly and have a 900 square foot layout always displaying and running prewar to modern, 0 to standard gauge. We make sure all our trains are up and ready for the market. I sell collections for folks when I can't buy them. My trains are guaranteed, and If our customers aren't satisfied, a credit or refund is given.

After 15 years with EBay, we decided to hook up with Dash and become a part of the new family. We expect the highest form of trust possible from others and try our best to deliver the same expected service, where accountability, quality and honestly is given.

Trains are more than a way of life, they are way to meet friends and trade stories. We know every train comes with a story and we want to make sure the story you tell about us is a positive one.

While there are thousands of people which sell trains worldwide, you can count on us at Trestles N Trains to protect your investment from our door to yours.

We know growing up is highly over rated and enjoying trains started for most of us at a very young age. We here enjoy what trains do for moral and excitement and after 60 years from my first set to today, it has become a great train ride.

Thanks for Listening,

John Constible

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